Upcoming Workshops

Sat, Dec 07
Christmas Card Calligraphy
Join us on the farm for a Christmas themed modern calligraphy workshop for beginners
Fri, Nov 15
Aswater Farm, Prince Albert
2 Day Mark Making & Calligraphy Course in Prince Albert
Learn and create a visual journal with inspiration from thr wonderful farm, taught by Heleen de Haas and Leesette Turner
Sat, Oct 26
Oranjezicht City Farm
Journalling with Calligraphy
Learn to the art of lines and lettering from Leesette Turner at the beautiful city farm in Oranjezicht.

Frequently asked questions

What must I bring with?

- 10+ sheets of white paper - A pencil eraser and sharpener - Paint brushes and water colours

Is there parking?

Yes! There is on street parking.

What must I wear?

Wear soemthing comfortable that you don't feel sorry for as we will be working with ink and paint that can easily spill and stain.

What about snacks and refrehsments?

Please feel free to bring a long something to snakc on as it is a three hour session. There is a cafe close by for a coffee run.




Mon - Fri: 9am-4pm

Sat - Sun: Closed 

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